How to Fix “Cannot Get Roadrunner Email Apple iPhone” Error?

Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone – Getting an error while checking your emails can be very annoying. But you can easily fix this error by following these troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, you can face issues while checking or sending the emails. In this article, we will troubleshoot the “Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone” issue. For an instant resolution of the issue, feel free to contact the Roadrunner Email Support at the toll-free number.

When using the Roadrunner email on their iPhone or iPad, many customers have reported the error “cannot get mail”. If you are also facing this annoying issue then try these steps.

How to Fix “Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone” Error?

Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone

Steps to Fix “Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone”

Roadrunner allows the user to access the email service on the different devices including the iPhone and iPad. You just need to configure the account on your device and you are good to go. But there are some users who have reported the issues like Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone. If you are also facing such issues the get the Roadrunner Support now. Furthermore, try these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1 – Refresh the Inbox

In order to load the new email, you need to refresh the application. If you are using an iPhone then follow these steps.

  • Launch the Email application on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Roadrunner mail account on it.
  • Here, scroll down on your screen and wait.
  • The system will check for new emails and give you the results.
  • If the “Cannot get Mail” issue appear then go to the next troubleshooting step.

Step 2 – Quit the App and Relaunch it

If your application is not been used for days then there is a chance that the system has automatically stopped the background working on the application. If this is the case with you, follow these steps.

  • Terminate and remove the Email Application from the recent application.
  • Now restart the iPhone that you are using.
  • Wait until the device starts back again.
  • Once the device is on again, launch the email application.
  • Refresh the screen to see if there is any new email available.
  • If the “Cannot get Mail” error appear to go to the next step.
  • Otherwise, you can continue using the Roadrunner Webmail on iPhone.

Step 3 – Check the Internet Connection

If you do not have any internet connection on your device then you won’t be able to access any emails. In order to check the new email, you need an internet connection. The internet connection can be mobile data or wireless connection.

  • Check one of internet connection method is active on your device.
  • If the internet is working then the email application needs configuration to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 4 – Delete the Roadrunner Mail Account and Add Again

Sometimes the email session expires when you remove temporary or cache files from the system. This can be the case for you. To resolve such issues, simply follow these steps.

  • Delete the Roadrunner email account.
  • Go to the mail, contacts, calendar application on your iPhone.
  • Then choose to emails. The list of active account will appear.
  • Tap on the one that you wish to remove and tap on the delete button.
  • Now you need to add the account again.
  • In the mail application, click on Add Account button.
  • The follow the on-screen instruction to add the Roadrunner Email Account.

Check whether the Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone is fixed or not. If the error persists then get an on-call technician by placing a call at Roadrunner Support.

Step 5 – Re-configure the Incoming and Outgoing Servers

The Roadrunner has recently updated their incoming and outgoing server for the user. If you are using the old settings then you need to update them. Otherwise, you will face “Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone” issue. You can try this information for your Roadrunner Account.

  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) –
  • Outgoing Server – SMTP port: 587
  • Username – Your Roadrunner Email Address
  • Password – Your Roadrunner Account Password

Configure RoadRunner IMAP Server:

  • Account Type – IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server –
  • Incoming Server – IMAP port: 993

Configure RoadRunner POP Server:

  • Account Type: POP or POP3
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming Server – POP3 port: 995

You can try these settings and get the Roadrunner email account working on iPhone.

24/7 Roadrunner Email Support

If none of the above methods are working for you to resolve “Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone”. Then you need to get a technician for the issue. The “Cannot Get Roadrunner Mail Apple iPhone” can be caused by some malware attack. In such a case, you need to remove it to protect the device and data.

Do not risk your device and data any further. And contact the Roadrunner Support now. #telus webmail

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